Amaranth when compared with its competitive grains contains

  • Maximum proteins among more than 14-19 %, with greatest essential amino acids and the proteins are gluten free for catering to wide population suffering from gluten intolerance.
  • Maximum fiber content 5-7%-fibers though are insoluble but behave like soluble fibers in body in powering serum cholesterol.
  • Maximum fats content-5-7%4.maximum calcium content- several folds more than competitive grains. Fats available from amaranth contain maximum unsaturated fatty acids and a pharmacologically active ingredient squalling found in grates proportion among any vegetable source.
  • Maximum iron content- 15 mgs/100 gms
  • Carbohydrates- are unique in comparison to all grains with reference to nutritional values and digestibility.

Components per 100 grams

Parameter/Grain Amaranth Wheat Corn Rice Oats
Protein 19.0 % 12.8 % 09.4 % 05.6 % 15.8 %
Fiber (crude) 5.6 % 2.3 % 3.0 % 3.0 % 3.0 %
Fat (crude) 6.0 g % 1.7 g % 4.7 g % 0.6 g % 3.0 %
Carbohydrates 53.0 % 70.0 % 74.0 % 79.4 % 66.0 %
Calcium 250.0 mg 29.4 mg 07.0 mg 09.0 mg 54.0 mg
Iron 15.0 mg 04.0 mg 02.7 mg 04.4 mg 05.0 mg
Calories 414 334 365 360 389

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Components per 100 grams

  • For children due to the high content of amino acids, lysine and histidine, which are necessary for the normal development of the nervous system.
  • For foods served in child money boxes and lay diets since it contains gluten.
  • As a dietary supplement for athletes for muscle building high in vitamins and high quality protein.
  • Stocks in the chronic stress, which positively affects protein, minerals and fat composition.
  • The prevention and treatment of constipation and its complications, such as diverticula of the colon, for fiber and starch and high esteem for water.

Amaranth is suitable:

  • The prevention and treatment of disorders of fat metabolism, elevated cholesterol levels and their complications, such as atherosclerosis of the arteries, stroke, coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, as well as for high fiber and unsaturated fatty acids.
  • As a supplement to a diet of obese patients for their high content of complex carbohydrates and fiber, along with good quality protein and fat composition.
  • As a component of gluten-free diet in patients with celiac disease as naturally gluten-free food for patients with food allergy for low antigenic potential of the protein.
  • For patients with diabetes for the content of slowly degradable compound fats.
  • For people with an alternative way meals (vegetarian, macrobiotic) are a good source of quality protein.
  • For specific food flavor nutty flavor.
  • To prepare muesli mixtures as heat-treated grains of popcorn.
  • To prepare bread, rolls, bread with added amaranth flour.
  • To prepare the pastry with amaranth flour or pop.