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Modified Amaranth Starches

At Nans Products Group, we specialize in the production and export of high-quality modified amaranth starches. By innovating traditional Indian agriculture, we cater to diverse industrial needs with our range of modified amaranth starch products.

Outstanding Properties of Modified Amaranth Starches: Our modified amaranth starches offer several enhanced properties, making them suitable for various industrial applications.

Our modified amaranth starches are versatile and suitable for various applications, including:

  • Extruded Products
  • Puddings and Instant Mixes
  • Encapsulation of Fruit Oils
  • Emulsification

Physically Modified Amaranth Starch

Cross-Linked Amaranth Starch:

  • Features low viscosity but stable viscosity under shear.
  • Ideal for use in extruded products.
  • Offers better clarity than native amaranth starch.
  • Viscosity increases with decreases in pH.

Phosphated Amaranth Starch:

  • Provides better viscosity and thickening, making it suitable for puddings and instant mixes.
  • Has lower paste clarity than native amaranth starch.

Hydroxypropylated Amaranth Starch:

  • Serves as an excellent substitute for gum arabic in the encapsulation of fruit oils like lemon and orange oil.

Amaranth Starch Oleate (Hydrolysed Amaranth Starch Oleate):

  • Used for encapsulation and emulsification.

Octenyl Succinylated Amaranth Starch:

  • Ideal for encapsulation and emulsification.

Our Product Range

We offer a range of high-quality modified amaranth starches, including:

  • Cross-Linked Amaranth Starch
  • Phosphated Amaranth Starch
  • Hydroxypropylated Amaranth Starch
  • Amaranth Starch Oleate (Hydrolysed)
  • Octenyl Succinylated Amaranth Starch